"Great show at the comedy zone ! It's so encouraging to know that someone on stage is not afraid to say that they know the same God I do. For I am not ashamed of the gospel. I loved the line about cutting the spanx off wrong and that you wore them all week !!."                         A. Bennett

"My husband and I thought you was hilarious!!! Feb. 14th Countryside Baptist!! Thank you for the laughs!!"

L. Bevis 

"Juanita it was a pleasure meeting you and your mother. I absolutely loved the performance at Countryside Baptist Church, you ROCKED the house. It was very refreshing to hear good, clean and very funny comedy, I laughed so hard. May you be blessed in all your travels."    Joyce P.

"We saw your set last night at McCurdy's.......You were AWESOME! "          K. Byrket
"By far, the best entertainment I've seen in a while!"   O.  Womanits

"Witty! Engaging ! Hilarious ! Fresh material that will make you laugh harder than you've laughed (and guffawed) in a long, long time ! Solid Comedy virtually every one can relate to and thoroughly enjoy ! Clean can be really funny...and with her it definitely is ! Don't miss the "Juanita Lolita Experience". You'll come away very glad you went and the better for it."   T. Casey

"Fantastic Entertainer"

"Juanita made our reception a success! She was so funny yet she kept it clean and still made everyone laugh! I was so pleased with her comedy.
I would highly recommend her to anyone." L.Darrenger

"One of the most fun nights in a long, long time."

"Lolita played our party, she came to our party as my long lost redneck cousin. None of the guest knew she was playing the part. She improvised so well and threw so many one liners it was great. Once we revealed she was not my cuz the guest were ecstatic. Highly recommend her for your event. "              D. Waggoner

 "She was awesome!!!! Our ladies laughed from start to finish. Even our men who were secretly listening in the back were laughing. Cannot wait to have her back. "  
 B. Sullivan
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